#ThrowbackThursday: #Coldplay – #ARushofBloodtotheHead (2002)


Track listing (all songs written by Guy Berryman, Jon Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin):

01. Politik (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

02. In My Place (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

03. God Put a Smile upon Your Face (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

04. The Scientist (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

05. Clocks (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

06. Daylight (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

07. Green Eyes (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

08. Warning Sign (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

09. A Whisper (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

10. A Rush of Blood to the Head (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

11. Amsterdam (prod. by Ken Nelson & Coldplay)

With their newest studio effort, Ghost Stories, topping the Billboard 200 album chart yesterday, Coldplay is undoubtedly more popular than ever with die hard fans.  With single sales ruling the current music climate, moving almost 400,000 album units in the first week is pretty huge.

In my mind, the British rockers became a band destined for longevity with the release of 2002’s A Rush of Blood to the Head.  Who hasn’t been won over by the guitar riff of the first single “In My Place”?  Who hasn’t been deeply moved by the second single “The Scientist” and its groundbreaking music video?  Also, is anybody surprised the project won the group a second consecutive GRAMMY award for Best Alternative Music Album (2003) with “Clocks” taking Record the following year?  I digress.  If Coldplay were to disband tomorrow, this may be go down as the brightest spot in an illustrious career.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on the album in the comments section 🙂

Posted by Brian Buchana (@dynasty86)
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