#video: How Much Does It Cost To Place a Hit Song in a Film? #musicbiz

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The Hit Music Academy | 2011

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Video: Music 2.0 Business Models (Part 4)

Music 2.0 Business Models (Part 4) – Future Music Coalition

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The Hit Music Academy | 2010

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Everything You Need To Know About Careers In Audio Branding – Guest Blog

Careers In Audio Branding

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Ever wonder who came up with the N-B-C chime or the “ker-chung” sound for Law & Order: SVU?  How about the music for those Starbuck’s and Pottery Barn CDs?  Bet you thought the music playing in hotel lobbies was just Muzak.  Wrong.  There’s actually a whole career field devoted to composing and selecting the right sounds–notes, chords, sound effects, music–for businesses and their products.  That field is Audio Branding, and we’re profiling it in today’s post.

What kinds of jobs exist in the Audio Branding field?

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Working With Music Libraries – Guest Blog

Working With Music Libraries

By Ed Teja

If you are trying to break into the world of writing for film and television, one important marketing resource is music libraries. In general, these are nothing more or less than clearing houses for music.

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How To Make Money From Music Licensing – Guest Blog

How To Make Money From Music Licensing

Music licensing is a major area of growth in music 2.0. If you hope to bring in income as a DIY musician then licensing is definitely an avenue you should be pursuing. Thankfully, SoundTempest has assembled a thorough and complete guide detailing the ins and outs of music licensing.

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Music Distribution Deals: Facts You Should Know Before Signing – Guest Blog

Carla Acheson

By Carla Acheson

With the escalating progression of music technology in the last decade, mainland CD stores are continuing to decline in popularity, as the trendy demand for digital music downloads continues to crush them further into the archives of history. Claiming more than half of the globes music buying audience, Digital Music Distribution is the predominant method of music marketing the world offers us today.

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Types of Music Licensing – Guest Blog

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Licensing Types

Today there are literally several different types of licenses for music. Each license is required to grant certain permissions depending on the intended use for the musical piece. As technology changes the types of different licenses will increase. Below are some of the most common types of music licenses used today.

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