The DIY Musician’s Complete Guide to YouTube

Complete Guide To YouTube

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CD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog has posted a number of articles about how artists can use YouTube to promote their careers. Here are our favorite tips, tricks, tech-recommendations, and interviews, organized below by category, and compiled as The DIY Musician’s Complete Guide to YouTube. Whether you’re going to spend thousands of dollars making a professional music video or just plan on editing some iPhone footage of your last concert, there is something here for you. Click the individual links to read each corresponding article and learn how to create compelling video content that will win you new fans and thrill your existing ones.

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Learn From The Grateful Dead – Guest Blog

The Grateful Dead

By Social Steve

Yeah – I know, many of you are thinking Social Steve puts the name Grateful Dead in the headline and expects many hits … it is like putting the “sex” in anything and stirring interest.

“They love each other … Lord, you can see that it is true” words – Robert Hunter

But hey, give me a chance here … arguably, no band has ever had a connection, a relationship with their audience like The Grateful Dead. Isn’t this what we want to accomplish with our brand (whether it is a person, product, or service)?

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Four Things 50 Cent Can Teach You About Connecting With Your Audience – Guest Blog

50 Cent

By Robert Greene

I spent most of 2007 hanging out with Curtis Jackson, better known as Fifty Cent. Together we wrote a bestselling book about hustling, fearlessness, and power.

I’d like to share a couple of insights that arose from that collaboration.

After the remarkable success of his first two commercial albums, Fifty Cent stood on top of the music world. But his very success was starting to corrode his musical ability.

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Free PDF: Artist Development & Promotion in the Digital Age

Photo taken by rock star photographer Brook Pifer at the 2009 Florida Music Festival I attended in May. Click the photo to check out Brook's excellent portfolio on her website.

Photo taken by rock star photographer Brook Pifer at the 2009 Florida Music Festival I attended in May. Click the photo to check out Brook's excellent portfolio on her website.

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Beyond Myspace Music (Part II)

The Big Picture

In Part I of this Beyond Myspace Music article I stressed the necessity of enlarging the scope of your career promotion efforts online. DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket by focusing solely on Myspace to promote your career. That is an ineffective strategy. Instead combine the use of Myspace with other free networking resources and you’ll drastically expand your online presence.

Why should you care about an expanded online presence?

Simple: because with it your promotions online become a viable vehicle for directing attention to your professional career. The more widespread your online presence is, the more attention you could potentially receive from increased traffic to your web pages. Previously unavailable opportunities have a funny way of presenting themselves once you have people’s attention. As long as you display a reasonable amount of expertise and knowledge in your particular areas of interest then the information you offer will be valuable to people. This puts you in an excellent position to satisfy the needs of today’s media consumers (and the ones of tomorrow).

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