The King of Pop Lives On

The King of Pop.

Gifted vocalist.


The greatest entertainer that ever lived.

I dare you to name one artist who’s had a bigger influence on pop music and pop culture. There are none. Not one single performer.

Michael Jackson = the greatest entertainer than ever lived

Michael Jackson = the greatest entertainer that ever lived

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Guidelines for Writing Hit Songs

Would you like to learn the skills needed to write hit songs?

Don’t answer that. I’m sure that most of you seek to possess the skill of a hit songwriter–I know I do.

These guidelines will give you deeper focus when writing your songs. They will also provide you with the necessary tools to start writing potential hits.

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Radio Needs This: “Let Me See the Booty”

“Let Me See the Booty” – The-Dream ft. Lil Jon


Too bad its not 2005 anymore because if it was then “Let Me See the Booty” would easily be a Billboard Top 40 hit. Unfortunately for this song Lil Jon fell out of favor on radio sometime between 2005 and 2008 due to a nasty case of extreme over-exposure.

lil jon

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The-Dream = Prince + R. Kelly



Who is The-Dream?

Real name: Terius Nash.
Residence: Atlanta, Georgia
Genres: synthpop, electronic R&B
Occupations: Singer/songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, music executive
Labels: Radio Killa/Def Jam

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Radio Needs This: “Put It Down”

"Put it Down" - The-Dream

"Put it Down" - The-Dream

“Put it Down” is baby-maker R&B music at its finest. The content is sexilicious, everything is anchored by a memorable hook that the rest of the song builds anticipation for each time around, and there are plenty of great lyrical lines that snag your attention throughout.

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Lady GaGa is the New Madonna


Apparently “LoveGame” by Lady GaGa doesn’t need any extra special marketing strategies (as I suggested in a previous post) to shoot up the charts. After just 8 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 “LoveGame” is now #6.

This week “LoveGame” is the #4 selling digital single on iTunes behind “I Gotta Feeling” (Black Eyed Peas) at #1,  “Boom Boom Pow” (Black Eyed Peas) at #2, and “Fire Burning” (Sean Kingston) at #3.

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