How To List a Podcast on iTunes – Guest Blog

Reaching A Large Target Audience Quickly and Easily

By Zoe Robinson

Listing a podcast on iTunes opens up a large target audience but the submission process can be tricky. This guide leads the way through this potential minefield.

The majority of successful podcasts are listed on iTunes, where they are sorted by topic and made available to millions of listeners at the touch of a button. Getting a podcast listed on iTunes can appear difficult at first, but with the right guide, the application process is simple.

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Ten Most Popular Artist/Musician iPhone App Strategies Reviewed – Guest Blog

Chris Terschluse

By Chris Terschluse

When thinking about the future of music and artist content, one must now consider the myriad of possible distribution platforms now available to musicians.

Whether it be iTunes, a subscription service, P2p file-sharing, or services like Soundcloud, one thing is certain, the idea of bundled content (like the album) is slowly becoming something of the past.  Now record companies, entrepreneurs, and technology providers are scrambling to find the next best thing to the once lucrative physical album.

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Muziboo: Social Community for Musicians

Muziboo is an online music platform which is being used by over a hundred thousand users as the primary platform to upload their music and connect with other musicians. The uniqueness that drives Muziboo is the emphasis laid on building a ‘community’ for musicians as against being just another file sharing platform. This was achieved by consciously emphasizing on adding features that improve participation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. The Muziboo tour offers a comprehensive list of all features and their benefits.

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Five Ways To Create An Engaging Artist/Musician iPhone App – Guest Blog

iPhone apps for artists/musicians

By Chris Terschluse

Yesterday, I posted my analysis on 10 iPhone artist/musician applications and their content strategies. After analyzing my findings and thinking about what is currently available in the music app world,  I came up with five content strategy suggestions for musicians, marketers, app developers, and labels to create more engaging and value-oriented artist/musician apps. Each of these strategies offers some sort of value to the music fan that will always keep them coming back and may one day create a valuable revenue stream for some artists.

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The Golden Age of Music Widgets? Nah – Guest Blog

Andrew Goodrich: The Golden Age of Music Widgets?

By Andrew Goodrich

In response to Hypebot’s “Music Widgets Come of Age” article and the comments that ensued, I decided to poll some of our readers at Artists House via twitter to find out how many of them actually have purchased music through an online widget. So far, the results are not surprising to me, though the sample size is still relatively small.
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