Free Download: RNB Fever VOL 17

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Yours truly had the good fortune of a song of mine (“La La”) being chosen for RNB Fever Volume 17. This mixtape features superstar urban artists T-Pain, Akon, Ciara, Keri Hilson, The Dream, Young Jeezy, and many more.

I am honored to be placed in the company of superstars and I feel obligated to give a shout out to the guys who made it possible: DJ Pimp and DJ Lexus. They are award-nominated DJs and their mixtapes are listened to by people all over the world.

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Track #14 = “La La” by Black Dice Reunion

“La La” Credits:
Performed by: Black Dice Reunion [d.BRYJ & Jeremiah]
Produced by: Private Ryan
Published by: DbryJ Music Media Group
Mixtape: Shake Em Up [2009]

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Download the Shake Em Up party rap mixtape by Black Dice Reunion for free @

Article produced by Dexter Bryant Jr. (d.BRYJ)
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Radio Needs This: T-Pain – Reality Show

“Reality Show” – T-Pain ft. Musiq Soulchild, Raheem DeVaughn, Jay Lyriq

YouTube video.

The vibe of this song makes it perfect for the Urban AC radio format. Especially since it features format favorites Musiq Soulchild and Raheem DeVaughn, whose songs regularly perform well on Urban AC stations. T-Pain isn’t necessarily a favorite with that crowd but this song could change their perception of him in a positive way. With T-Pain’s help Musiq Soulchild and Raheem DeVaughn might make some new fans with the teeny boppers who love T-Pain. His pop idol status could bring these artists to the attention of a wider audience if Jive/Zomba/LaFace/Konvict/Nappy Boy Entertainment take action to promote this great track. I doubt that the labels have any plans of releasing this song as a single but if they knew how appealing it would be to the urban adult contemporary crowd they might reconsider.

Right now I challenge program directors and DJs at Urban AC stations to add this song to their playlists for a while and see what kind of response it receives from your audience. I guarantee that they will love it (even though some of them might be ashamed of themselves for liking a T-Pain song).

With your help this song could prove to be T-Pain’s highest charting Urban AC song to date. But if you take no action like the labels are doing then you’ll let a great song (that your audience would definitely appreciate) slip away. It’s your choice 🙂

Brave New World [3/24/09]

Mic check, 1-2. Testing, 1-2.


Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to the Hit Music Academy.

Before we get started I’d like to personally thank you all for joining me on this journey. I created this blog to share my quirky taste in music with a new audience and build social and professional connections. I also created this blog as an outlet for my ideas and theories concerning the music industry. There are enough gloom and doom stories about “the demise of the music industry as we know it” going around so I’m sure you’re well aware of the meaningful changes taking place in this field. These changes are a good thing.

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