Beyond Myspace Music (Part II)

The Big Picture

In Part I of this Beyond Myspace Music article I stressed the necessity of enlarging the scope of your career promotion efforts online. DO NOT put all your eggs in one basket by focusing solely on Myspace to promote your career. That is an ineffective strategy. Instead combine the use of Myspace with other free networking resources and you’ll drastically expand your online presence.

Why should you care about an expanded online presence?

Simple: because with it your promotions online become a viable vehicle for directing attention to your professional career. The more widespread your online presence is, the more attention you could potentially receive from increased traffic to your web pages. Previously unavailable opportunities have a funny way of presenting themselves once you have people’s attention. As long as you display a reasonable amount of expertise and knowledge in your particular areas of interest then the information you offer will be valuable to people. This puts you in an excellent position to satisfy the needs of today’s media consumers (and the ones of tomorrow).

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Beyond Myspace Music (Part I)

This article details the importance of marketing your career beyond just Myspace Music. Aspiring artists/musicians/performers/producers/etc. you are well advised to take note.


Myspace is not the equivalent of internet marketing.

Reality: Myspace is only one component of an effective internet marketing campaign.

Do not believe the hype. Myspace cannot single-handedly skyrocket you to stardom.

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