Marketing Inspiration: Not Your Average Promo Idea – Guest Blog

By Levi Lenaerts

When Belgian indie poppers Palomine finished the recordings of their second album “Attention Alpha”, they made a commitment to themselves: instead of immediately putting the album out officially, they want at least one person of every country in the world have the chance to have a listen to it.

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Social Media + Targeted Marketing = The World’s Biggest Cover Band – Guest Blog

Boyce Avenue: World's Biggest Cover Band

By Hoover

I’m a Coldplay fan.

So before Vida La Vida/Death and all His Friends was released, I wanted to hear some tracks. I saw the apple commercial for Vida la Vida and thought there may be a live version of the whole song somewhere on YouTube.  I didn’t find an official live version, but I did stumble on a cover by this band called Boyce Avenue.

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music video: Rihanna ft. Slash “Rockstar 101”

Rockstar 101
Rihanna ft. Slash | Rated R

As a lot of you may already know, the music video for Rihanna’s new single “Rockstar 101” premiered on YouTube’s Vevo this past Tuesday.  Upon my first viewing of it, I felt the urge to play it back over and over again so that I could catch all of the things I missed before. 

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