#MusicBiz: Street Teams Level The Playing Field

Music Business || Street Teams Level The Playing Field

Music marketing comes down to spreading the word. You need fans in order to spread the word, and if you want big mouths you better put together some street teams for your band.

Run over to thinklikealabel.com because they got shit you need to know ASAP:

One of the largest promotional teams any band has access to is their fan base. When trying to reach a large group of people, a great way to do so is using “street team marketing.” Street teams provide a great way to strengthen your relationship with your fans while building momentum for your career and promoting your latest project. While many artists mistakenly think you need to have a huge following to get a street team established, the reality is you only need a few dedicated fans to help spread the word about you to get things started. As your band gets bigger, so too, will your Street Team.

In actuality, your first street team is going to be mostly comprised of your family and your closest friends. When you start to get paid for performing, record in a professional studio for the first time, or have a track or EP up on iTunes, those closest to you may finally stop rolling their eyes at you and begin to think you’re actually serious about this music thing. This is usually the point at which people go from dismissing your dreams to bragging about you ad nauseam. This is also the point at which you can start hitting them up to about giving out flyers promoting your latest gig or about emailing the the local radio station to play your latest single.

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