The Music Game: Why Indie Artists Write for Videogames


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The Hit Music Academy | 2013
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Learn Song Marketing From Book Authors – Guest Blog

Learn song marketing from book authors

By Ed Teja

When you begin to look for a home for your music, whether your market is the listener, a music supervisor, or an A&R person, you need a marketing plan (not the same as your business plan). There is a fair amount of information about marketing on the web, but much of it doesn’t apply to music, but one place that you can learn a lot that is directly useful to you, is from looking at how book authors market their unpublished manuscripts and books.

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Guidelines for Writing Hit Songs

Would you like to learn the skills needed to write hit songs?

Don’t answer that. I’m sure that most of you seek to possess the skill of a hit songwriter–I know I do.

These guidelines will give you deeper focus when writing your songs. They will also provide you with the necessary tools to start writing potential hits.

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