1000 True Fans Case Study: Amber Rubarth – Guest Blog

Amber Rubarth

By Ariel Hyatt

I met Amber Rubarth through Derek Sivers who wrote a wonderful profile on her on his blog.

Here is what Derek wrote: Amber Rubarth is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter from Reno, who only started playing music five years ago, but is making a full-time living touring, including four tours of Europe, booking it all herself. She’s also one of the happiest musicians I’ve met. Most musicians I know feel it’s tough, but Amber seems to glide through it all effortlessly.

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1000 True Fans Case Study: The Mountain Goats – Guest Blog

The Mountain Goats

By Ariel Hyatt

Since I started my career in this business. I’ve always been working within the 1,000 True Fans model.

Here’s my story: In 1996, I was living in Boulder, CO and I had just started Ariel Publicity, my boutique PR firm.

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How To Turn Your Mailing List Into Money and Enthusiasm – Guest Blog

Scott James - Independent Rockstar

By Scott James

The mailing list is one of the most important tools that an independent artist has to market themselves. Hopefully you make it a priority to capture email addresses at every opportunity.

Here’s one way that you might turn those email addresses into money while helping to establish and sustain a win-win relationship with your fans.

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Email 101 For Artists – Guest Blog

Email 101 for artists

By Jed Carlson

Email is an essential part of the fan relationship equation for artists, labels, and managers. While it is difficult to say the exact value of collecting any individual email address for musicians, marketers from other industries peg the generic value of getting an email at about $1 each.   But it’s all about what you do with it once you are given the great responsibility of owning it.  We have seen Artists generate as much as $10 per email address on their list, when used properly.

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