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What would I do with a pile of money to spend on an artist? – Guest Blog

Bruce Warila

By Bruce Warila

This is my response to Eric Galen’s post titled “What would YOU do with freedom and a healthy budget to break a new artist?


To generate a return for your investors, you probably need 1,000,000 people to click their mouse three times.  How hard can that be?  In fact, every artist is just three clicks (times 100,000 or so people) away from financial independence.

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1000 True Fans Case Study: Amber Rubarth – Guest Blog

Amber Rubarth

By Ariel Hyatt

I met Amber Rubarth through Derek Sivers who wrote a wonderful profile on her on his blog.

Here is what Derek wrote: Amber Rubarth is a 26-year-old singer/songwriter from Reno, who only started playing music five years ago, but is making a full-time living touring, including four tours of Europe, booking it all herself. She’s also one of the happiest musicians I’ve met. Most musicians I know feel it’s tough, but Amber seems to glide through it all effortlessly.

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1000 True Fans Case Study: The Mountain Goats – Guest Blog

The Mountain Goats

By Ariel Hyatt

Since I started my career in this business. I’ve always been working within the 1,000 True Fans model.

Here’s my story: In 1996, I was living in Boulder, CO and I had just started Ariel Publicity, my boutique PR firm.

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1,000 True Fans and the Importance of Milestones in Your Music Career – Guest Blog

1000 true fans

By Refe Tuma

In any well-managed business each member of the team has a set of specific measurables to help them – and their employers – know whether or not they’re on track. Without these milestones it can be very difficult to remain focused and accomplish long term goals.

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