Managing Money in Hip Hop | A3C Hip Hop Festival

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While making music is an art, making MONEY with music is a process. The key to having a career in music is understanding how money circulates within the music industry. If you’re not earning money, then it’s just a hobby! The artist, manager, producer, promoter, label, booking agent, distributor and merch dealer all have to get paid, but where does the money come from and how much should each person get? How does money get collected from billions of music consumers all over the world? Who writes those million dollar checks to Jay-Z? How can an artist have a #1 hit and still be broke? How do I demand payment for the work I’ve done? If you’ve ever wanted to ask questions like these about the inner workings of finance in the music industry, this is your chance to finally do it.

On October 12th, NARIP will be hosting a real discussion about money management and business professionalism in hip hop at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, GA. Find out more info and buy your tickets @

The Hit Music Academy | 2012
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