Music Industry Trends & Advice from Greg Rollett

I subscribe to emails from people with brilliant music business minds. One of those people is Greg Rollett. He’s always giving great advice and a recent email was so loaded with necessary info that I had to share it with you.

The following deals with trends in multimedia and internet and how they will affect you as a musician:

1. Instagram just got bought for $1 billion. With a B! What this means for you is that you need to be using multi-media and at a frequent rate.

YouTube is the 3rd most trafficked site on the web. Instagram now belongs to the #2 site (Facebook).

Your music marketing strategy needs to include multi-media. Music, video, images. If you are not good in one of these areas – find someone who is. They will be extremely valuable to you and your career.

2. Facebook Timeline is killing you, I know it. Here’s the real thing it is killing, all your Facebook Apps. Your ReverbNation or BandCamp pages. No one will ever see those pages again.

This goes back to one of the fundamentals in the New Music Economy. Don’t get obsessed with the platform. Get obsessed with driving fans to you, on your email or mobile list. Talk to them on your terms.

That way when Facebook or Twitter or whatever else changes, you still have your fans and they can still get your music, learn about your shows and support your lifestyle!

3. Get your fans involved more. Learn their names. Tag them everywhere. In photos, in videos, on your site, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Pinterest. Make them feel like you care about them (you should care about them).

We all have egos and by tagging them, shining the spotlight on them, you are feeding their ego and they will tell others.

Hope you motherfuckers are having a good day. And hopefully you pick up on how important it is to market yourself online and reach out to your fans 🙂

The Hit Music Academy | 2012
twitterfeed @hitmusicacademy


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