Nicki Minaj ~ “Starships”

Nicki Minaj

Undeniably catchy. The 1st verse kicks off the summer vibe immediately

Let’s go to the beach, each
Let’s go get away
They say what they gonna say
Have a drink, Clink!
Found the bud light
Bad bitches like me is hard to come by

And Nicki’s awesome but I’m a HUGE fan of RedOne. His beats kick ass.

My favorite part of this song is at the end on the bridge section where the beat drops out and Nicki sings the hook in a higher pitch with more a vulnerable emotive character; its really endearing for some reason =)

Great song. Grew on me after like 3 listens and now I keep playin it 🙂 also find it hella cool that this song was in the top 5 on the Japanese charts last time I checked.

The Hit Music Academy | 2012
twitterfeed @hitmusicacademy


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