Nicki Minaj – “Beez In The Trap” ft. 2 Chainz

Nicki Minaj
Beez In The Trap

The hook don’t really do it for me but the asses in this video are ridonkulous and 2 Chainz kill this shit. Nicki used to be the one known for shittin on features but 2 Chainz is rippin shit right now. I still gotta give credit to Nicki though cuz I like this shit a lot more than the rest of the shit she been droppin lately.

The Hit Music Academy | 2012
twitterfeed @hitmusicacademy



  1. dynasty86 · April 14, 2012

    It’s so ironic but I just watched this vid for the first time last night. U right about the asses friend lol…almost made me rethink some things…

  2. Black Tarzan · April 16, 2012

    A$$ !! ASS! ASS!!

    lmao. Nicki other song “Starships really startin to catch on with me now

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