Global House Concerts Network

This is fucking awesome!

A network of hosts for house concerts around the globe. And they’re accepting submissions from artists to be included on their artist roster. This is DIY music biz at its finest. GO APPLY!!

::: Apply to join the artists network on :::

Registration info:

The registration is free of charge.
Slowbizz operates as a non-profit venture.
We don’t take any commissions, neither from the hosts nor from the artists.

We will examine your application within 48 hours.

If you are accepted, we will add you to the VOTING PAGE.

To be included in the roster, you will have to receive at least 50 votes (from Slowbizz members and/or your own fans). The score will be solely based on your music.

After being added to the Slowbizz roster, you’ll be able to submit your touring availabilities to the hosts community to start booking gigs.

What the fuck are you waiting for?? Go join!!

I can tell you from personal experience that there is no greater place to play at than house concerts. The atmosphere, the excitement, the intimacy–there’s no greater feeling than rockin the crowd at a heavily intoxicated house party =D

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The Hit Music Academy
| 2012

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