#55th Annual GRAMMY Award Nominations (Predictions)

As someone who loves music and monitors the happenings of the industry from year to year, it’s always exciting to speculate which artists, albums and records were impactful enough to receive Grammy nominations.  On Wednesday, December, 5, 2012, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) will be unveiling the nods for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony which will be broadcast February 10, 2013 on CBS (10 PM ET).  Here’s my take on how things are likely to play out in the General Field categories:

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Rap Deals in 2012: A List of Major Label Deals Signed in 2012

record deal

At the link below you will find a list of major label deals signed by urban artists in 2012. One thing I noticed is that anytime one label finds and signs an artist in a growing urban market, the other major labels frantically snatch up the next biggest talent they can find in that city. That being said, 2012 was a standout year for Chicago rappers on the come-up. After Chief Keef signed with Interscope, Chicago immediately became the hot city for signing new rap talent. It was also a big year for Brooklyn. Take a peek for yourself:


List compiled by Urban Threshold Enterprises

The Hit Music Academy | 2012
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How Does An Independent Artist Stay Relevant While Creating New Music?

How Do Indie Artists Stay Relevant While Creating New Music?


article via American Songwriter^^^

The Hit Music Academy | 2012
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Birdman “Born Stunna” ft. Rick Ross

Born Stunna (ft. Rick Ross)

Money money money BAGGGGG$$$$$$

Repetitive as fuck but you can’t deny Rick Ross swagggg man. Birdman however, is quite useless. But does it matter? No. The beat ridin and the hook sticks to you regardless.

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“No Sleep” – Wiz Khalifa

No Sleep
Wiz Khalifa

One of my favorite Wiz records. Too poppy for some but I like that it reminds me of the days when Blink-182 ruled the airwaves.

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Is There No Such Thing As A One Hit Wonder Anymore?

One hit wonders no more??

I want to know what yall think about this >>>>>


Is it true that there’s no such thing as a one hit wonder anymore? Has the internet eliminated the one hit wonder phenomenon? Or, as the author suggests, has the internet simply made it possible for artists to capitalize on the success of a big hit and establish a long-term career with more moderate hits?

Read the article and let me know what you think >>>>


The Hit Music Academy | 2012
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