The Essential Role Of Artist Management In A Post-Label World

London-based music managers James Barton and Brian Message have some very intelligent ideas about the future of music and business–or as they have named it: the “Post-Label World.”


managers must recognize that “every artist is a standalone business that generates income from multiple revenue streams” and that a “manager’s job is to create those businesses and run them well.”

Here’s a quick list of my favorite points made in the article:

  • “artists – and their art – are the only real assets” — the components of the traditional music industry, from labels to publishers to merchandisers, should be “regarded primarily as service providers to artists.”
  • managers must focus on “accepting consumer behavior and looking for as many ways as possible to monetize it.”
  • managers and artists must leave “behind the notion that record sales are the key indicators of success.” In other words: focus on generating income from multiple revenue streams.

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The Hit Music Academy | 2011

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  1. band consulting · December 29, 2011

    This article is very informative. Your points are very clear and well-written. I definitely agree with you. Thank you.

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