Plugged In: Branding The Music Business

Plugged In music business seminar

This month branding communications agency FRUKT Communications linked up with Generator (the UK’s leading music development agency) to discuss the role of brand partnerships in the music business at their Plugged In music business seminar.


[The] open panel discussion focused on developing mutually beneficial agreements between artists and sponsors, looking at how publishers, promoters, managers, and artists can position themselves to be more attractive to brands.

I’ve been following the FRUKT agency for a little while now and I’m consistently impressed with the work they’re doing in the branding and communications space. They really understand what it takes to entertain audiences and create lasting experiences that endear brands to their audiences. As FRUKT explains on their website:

We create inspiring ideas that will entertain your audience. We bring those ideas to life through experiences, content and social media. We make your audience smile and think of your brand while they do so.

I’m looking forward to becoming involved with FRUKT in the future and hopefully being apart of their awesome music business panels, as should you. There is a lot that the bright minds at FRUKT can teach us.

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