Drake Tells Universal To Stop Taking Down His Songs

Story via techdirt.com:

super popular Universal artist Drake is lashing out at Universal for issuing takedowns over his own music. Apparently, like many artists who value the promotion, he’s been leaking his own tracks to the various hiphop sites and blogs that Universal has declared evil. And Universal has been taking them down, leading Drake to tell them to stop:

@drakkardnoir (June 23, 2011)

Universal Music is fuckin up right now. This incident happened back in June but if Universal keeps up with this bullshit they could find themselves minus Drake on the distribution front, and that’s a loss that they do not want since Drake is a superstar and he fucking SELLS.

I personally hope Drake and Universal split. If they aren’t willing to support his promotional efforts, allowing him to leak songs to rap blogs and on his blog October’s Very Own, then Universal has no idea the way promotion works in the 21st century. Drake knows (obviously) and he’s quite successful at it. Universal needs to stop getting in the way of its artists and let them be successful.

Fuck the Majors.

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