Make A Website For Your Music::Watch It Make Money #musicbiz #artistadvice

Make A Website For Your Music::Watch It Make Money

Written by Michael Cash

What point is there in making music if no one is going to be able to hear it? Go beyond simply uploading your music to Myspace, or and actually create a web site specifically for the music. This allows the web site to be tailored to the musician or the band’s needs.

Most who are not familiar with web site design assume that it takes a good deal of skills, but it does not. Using tools available on the web, it is easy for a novice web site designer to master the basics of creating a proper web layout for a musician’s website.

Some may ask, why is it necessary for one to go beyond a simple Myspace page for sharing music over the internet?

First of all, a Myspace page does not give the band the degree of customizable options which a self hosted web page does. Ad revenue goes straight into the pocket of the band, and not to Myspace.

Many do not realize that a decent amount of money can pour in from a well visited site thanks to ads like Google AdSense. At the very least, the ad revenue can pay for the web site itself. Paying for a domain name is not at all expensive, and can potentially cost less than thirty dollars a month. It’s entirely possible to set up a shop on a web page, and there are no hoops to jump through unlike Myspace,, and so on.

There are a few types of coding and scripting which are very important to learn for coding a web site. HTML, or hyper text markup language is used to distinguish which parts of the text on the web site are what, using brackets. CSS, or cascading style sheets, is code which tells the web browser how a web site is meant to be displayed.

There are other scripting languages which may be needed for an attractive and accessible web site, such as PHP, Java, and Flash. Java script is excellent for adding additional features to a web site. Learning the basics of Java would be especially helpful for anyone looking to upload music onto a website, as many embedded music players rely on java script.

Using a blog in conjunction with a web site is an excellent way for a band or musician to attract additional traffic over the internet. Do not simply wait for word of to spread however, as it likely will not. Instead, befriend other musicians who maintain blogs, and ask to make a guest post occasionally. This can draw in a lot of new traffic.

Joining news groups is a good way to find fans over time, and simply by making comments which include your web address it is possible to entice hundreds of new readers and listeners to a music web site. Do not spam these groups, as this is a sure fire way of losing a reader’s interest quickly.

One very easy method of attracting new listeners to a musician’s web page is to simply give away a few free songs. People love free stuff, and free music is something no one can deny.

Written by Michael Cash

Michael Cash is a twenty something freelance writer and internet consultant offering SEO services, residing in western Michigan. When he’s not coaching people out of 1990s era web practices, amateur astronomy and hiking take up his time. A completely random fact about Michael is that he used to “ghost hunt” as a youngster.

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