The Ultimate Chart: Billboard for The Internet (#musicbiz)

The Ultimate Chart

The Ultimate Chart (developed by tech firm Big Champagne) is here to fill the void Billboard leaves every week when it reports on the week’s most popular music.

Unlike Billboard, The Ultimate Chart is based on online streams and social networking–not just airplay and sales.

Music branders like myself see tremendous value in The Ultimate Chart and similar online music charts like We Are Hunted. The data in these charts can be used to negotiate everything from venue bookings to sync licensing deals to record contracts.

Imagine a vampire punk band in the US with a cult following online in Japan, Austria, and Canada. Chances are, even if they have 50 songs online, 10 videos, and a few hundred active fans–their music is unlikely to reach the Billboard charts. Yet, you can bet your ass they have a fair chance at gracing The Ultimate Chart.

Potential game changer?

You bet your grits, bitches.

Power to the indies!

Posted by Dexter Bryant Jr. | Powered by d.BRYJ Music Media Group.

Music business tweets @dBRYJmusic


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