Global Digital Music Market Will Grow to $13.74 Billion by 2013 – Guest Blog

Global Digital Music Market Will Grow to $13.74 Billion by 2013


DUBLIN--(Business Wire)--
Research and
Markets( has
announced the addition of the "The Digital Music Market Outlook: Evolving
Business Models, Key Players, New Challenges and the Future Outlook" report to
their offering. 

The increasing adoption of broadband and mobile technologies and the widespread
adoption of smartphones and portable music playing devices continue to drive the
digital music market. The music industry landscape is undergoing major
structural changes as companies from other industries become integrated into
music distribution, and business models transform to adapt to changing market
demands. Piracy remains a major concern in the industry, with losses from
illegal downloads running into billions of dollars. 
'The Digital Music Market Outlook: Evolving business models, key players, new
challenges and the future outlook' is a report published by Business Insights
that analyzes the growth of the digital music market and recent transformations
to the industry structure and business models. The report examines the growth
drivers and inhibitors of the market, emerging geographies, industry challenges
and the future market outlook. It also provides detailed profiles of the leading
digital music service providers including an examination of their operations,
service offerings, financials and strategic outlook. 

Key Findings 

The global digital music market will grow from $4.81bn in 2009 to $13.74bn by
2013, representing a CAGR of 30%. 

The industry is characterized by rapidly changing structure and an evolving
value chain. New players are entering the market for digital music distribution
and rapidly expanding their revenue streams to match consumer demands. Various
partnerships and tie-ups are emerging between players across the value chain. 

Music piracy remains the most critical challenge that the industry is faced
with. Another major issue is that of interoperability across various digital
music services and devices, which is being dealt with by shifting towards
DRM-free music downloads. 

The global digital music market has significant growth potential. The relatively
more developed markets include the US, Japan and western European countries such
as the UK, France and Germany. Emerging markets that present enormous potential
include China, India and Brazil. 

Use this report to...

* Understand the global digital music market with this report's study of the
market in terms of product innovation and evolving market structure.
* Analyze the growth trends in the market to predict key areas of opportunity
including market structure, dynamics and trends in the developed markets (US,
Japan, UK, France and Germany) and emerging markets (China, India and Brazil).
* Examine the challenges facing the global digital music market with this
report's study of the evolving business models and the major transformations
taking place in the market and their impact on leading companies.
* Benchmark your performance against leading digital music service providers by
using the company overviews of key players in the industry, including their
services, operational and financial performance indicators and strategy provided
in this report.

Explore issues including... 

New players entering the market: As the industry evolves new players are
entering the market for digital music distribution. Increasing competition is
prompting the companies to respond to the changing customer demands and
differentiate their services to retain their customers. 

Changing market dynamics: The availability of free music on the internet has
prompted companies to adapt their business models as per the changing market
dynamics. Ad-supported sites and social community websites are gaining more
prominence in the industry. 

The growth of piracy: Piracy is a major problem for the global digital music
industry. The number of illegal downloads has increased from 20bn in 2005 to
40bn in 2008, corresponding to 95% of the total music downloaded in that year. 

Lack of interoperability: The inability to inter-operate between various digital
music services and devices has been a major issue hindering the growth of the
industry. Record labels have taken a significant step towards resolving this
issue by offering DRM-free tracks that can play across different platforms and


* What are the current trends in the digital music industry?
* Which regions are more developed markets and which are the emerging areas
presenting potential growth opportunities?
* What is the industry structure and how is it changing as the pattern of music
consumption is changing?
* How are the industry players responding to recent changes in the market?
* What are the key challenges facing the industry and how are they being dealt
* Who are the leading players in the market?
* How do the leading companies compare in terms of their market share,
operational and financial performance, service offerings and strategy?
* How is the industry expected to evolve and what is the future outlook?

Key Topics Covered:

* Executive summary
* Digital music - the new era
* Key markets
* The value chain and evolving business models
* Key challenges
* Future outlook
* Key players
* Chapter 1 Introduction
* Chapter 2 Digital music - a new era
* Chapter 3 Key markets
* Chapter 4 The value chain and evolving business models
* Chapter 5 Key challenges
* Chapter 6 Future outlook
* Chapter 7 Key players

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