iTunes Success in 12 Steps – Guest Blog

iTunes Success in 12 Steps

By Ariel Hyatt

How indie artist Making April went from 0 to 1,000 sales a week on iTunes in one year.

I recently was having lunch with my dear friend, music attorney extraordinaire Dan Friedman, who was in town to showcase a band he represents who he mentioned was selling 1,000 singles a week on iTunes.

My jaw almost hit the table. 1,000 singles a week on iTunes?

Who is this band? And how are they doing this? And he coughed up the answer (and luckily for me their phone number).

A few days later, I cold called Greg from Making April, who it turns out are an emo/piano rock band (kind of like Ben Folds Five), and we spent an hour and a half on the phone. Greg generously spilled the beans as to how Making April got to where they are today: selling 1,000 CD singles a week on iTunes and signed to a record deal.

How They Did It…
Greg explained that they decided to make a full time business out of their band. Everyday at 9 AM, three of the four members met in what they called “The War Room,” which was a room reserved in one of their homes. They took it seriously, just like a job, and every day they would set simple goals.

“In the beginning we really did not know what we were doing,” Greg recalls. “The daily goal was to make the maximum amount of friends on MySpace, which is 400 a day. Between three of us, that was 133 each.” Here’s how it went from there.

Step 1: Find sound alikes – famous bands similar to you.
They started by looking at similar bands in their genre that had large friends lists at MySpace. Dashboard Confessional, for example. They would go and they would ping each and every friend in Dashboard Confessional’s friends list…

Step 2: Ping each person.
And then they would go to the comments and post:

“Hey if you like Dashboard Confessional, you’re probably going to like Making April. Would you please come check us out and leave a comment?” Then, people would check them out and leave comments.

Step 3: Get personal.
The band would then personally respond and personally thank everyone that left a comment. And they always signed their name using a sig file, which included their IM address.

Read steps 4-12 @

Written by Ariel Hyatt

Posted by Dexter Bryant Jr. [d.BRYJ]
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  2. Andy · February 23, 2011

    Getting personal with your readers is a great way to promote your band. 1,000 singles in a week is pretty awesome for unknown band!

    • Dexter Bryant Jr. · February 27, 2011

      thx for reading Andy 🙂
      1000 singles in a week is definitely an accomplishment

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