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How To Get Played On Podcasts

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Podcasts are the radio of the internet. Getting played on podcasts can help expose your music to potential new fans. By following the steps below, you’ll increase your odds of being played on any podcasts — whether it’s a music podcast or talk show.

What You Need to Do This:

  • Songs that you want to give to podcasters in high-quality MP3 format
  • Songs that you want to give to podcasters in WAV format
  • A method to transfer large files (for the WAV)


1. Make your music “podsafe”.

  • Method 2: Register your music with a podsafe collective. Podcasters have created podsafe collectives to ensure they have the rights to the music they include in their shows. To get on the list, sign up and upload songs you’d like podcasters to play. By registering and uploading songs, you agree to the collective’s own podsafe license. Some of these collectives include Mevio’s Music Alley (formerly Podsafe Music Network) and Podsafe Audio. Read their terms and conditions before you sign up as these collectives often are broader than what a typical Creative Commons license.

2. Find music podcasts.

Click here for a list of music podcasts. Pick music podcasts that match your style and genre of music. Radio has music formats; so do podcasts. So, if you have a rock song, check out podcasts that play rock. If you’re dance, check out dance music podcasts.

3. Find non-music podcasts.

Talk show or other non-music podcasts also need music beyond songs to play (including theme music, incidental music, and bumpers). To find a non-music podcast that fits your style and genre of music, do some research on what’s out there by using podcast directories:

3. Listen, subscribe, and verify the podcast’s format and style.

Don’t just take the written words about the podcast as gospel. Download, listen to, subscribe to the feed, and verify that it’s a podcast you want your music associated with and whether your song would fit the format of the show. You may find that given their personality or style that one of your other songs is a perfect fit for the show – not just the one you want to promote.

4. Follow the submission instructions.

Many podcasters have music submission instructions. However, If they don’t , then email them. Your email should:

  • introduce who you are, your band name and website
  • Tell them you’ve listened to their show (here’s a tip – prove it by naturally telling them what you heard and what you liked about their show)
  • Tell them you have a song that you think would be fitting for the show
  • Tell them it’s podsafe
  • If you’ve been played on other podcasts, tell them and link to your “podcast plays” page at your website (see step
  • Ask about how best to send them your song

5. Ask the podcaster to mention you and your music.

Ask to have your song title and artist name announced in the show and on their website as “show notes”. Give the podcaster:

  • The name of the song
  • Your artist or band name
  • The link to your website
  • Links to where listeners can find the song they’re playing for sale or download.

6. Subscribe to the show’s feed.

If you haven’t already, subscribe to their feed or set up an automatic alert so you know when your music has been played.

7. Cross-promote their show to your fans.

Once played, promote the show on your website by linking to it. Blog and tell your fans where you’ve been played.

8. Add the play to your “podcast plays” page on your website.

Consider starting a page on your website to link and list all the podcasts where you’ve been played. This list can help you as you reach out to other podcasters by showing them that your music has been played on other shows.

9. Thank the podcaster.

Once you promoted the podcaster’s show on your website, send a thank you for the play. Also, send a link to your blog or wherever else you linked and listed the show so the podcaster knows you promoted the show to your fans. Building a relationship with the podcaster in this way will make it easier for you to get your music played on the show again in the future.

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This article was re-printed from

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