Muziboo: Social Community for Musicians

Muziboo is an online music platform which is being used by over a hundred thousand users as the primary platform to upload their music and connect with other musicians. The uniqueness that drives Muziboo is the emphasis laid on building a ‘community’ for musicians as against being just another file sharing platform. This was achieved by consciously emphasizing on adding features that improve participation, collaboration and knowledge sharing. The Muziboo tour offers a comprehensive list of all features and their benefits.

For updates and interesting content from the community, take a look at the Muziboo blog. Or check out the stream of tweets from Muziboo users

Reader Input

What are your thoughts on Muziboo? Is it unique? Has it been helpful to you in your music marketing endeavors?

How are you using Muziboo to market your music and connect with fans and fellow musicians?

We always love to hear your 2 cents.

Posted by Dexter Bryant Jr. [d.BRYJ]
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