New Boyz: 1 Hit Wonders?

Click pic to play "Tie Me Down"

The New Boyz have a lotta haters.

Too bad for the haters then because “Tie Me Down” is making waves on the Billboard charts. With “You’re a Jerk” and now “Tie Me Down” the New Boyz have 2 certified hits under their belts.

That makes calling the New Boyz “1 hit wonders” officially incorrect. Ha! Haters.

Even though “Tie Me Down” is overloaded with AutoTune overkill and the New Boyz spit some immature/amateur-ish rhymes–I like it. It’s a good song. Cheesy, but good.

The hot bitches on For The Love of Ray J need to listen to this song and take the fucking hint.

“Tie Me Down” Billboard chart stats:

#5 – Rap
#13 – Radio
#24 – Pop
#26 – Hot 100

Buy “Tie Me Down” (New Boyz ft Ray J) on iTunes

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