Free download: Free Music = Free Advertising = Smart Business

Professor d.BRYJ (Dexter Bryant Jr.)

Free Music = Free Advertising = Smart Business

Lately I’ve been guest blogging on a weekly basis for several different music business blogs. My latest article outlines why I believe that giving away your music for free is smart business. In many situations free music can be a great marketing and promotional tool for building an artist’s brand.

Many people argue that free music is not the answer to the problems in the record industry right now. I disagree. As far as I’m concerned there is absolutely no point in fighting “piracy” because you will never win; downloaders will continue to “steal” music whenever they feel like it. Instead of waging war against them you should give them the free songs and mixtapes that they clearly desire. Then you’ll bring yourself one step closer to building a relationship with the very audience that will make it possible for you to earn a living from your music in the future.

Read (or download) the article here:

Free Music = Free Advertising = Smart Business

I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Should artists give away their music for free? Should people quit downloading so much and buy more music?

Please share your opinions with us in the comments section. Thanks for reading =)

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  1. sharpmusic · February 1, 2010

    I completely agree with you on this point. Major labels spend millions to get music heard by the public so a small percentage actually purchase it. Us indie artists don’t have the millions to spend to be heard…so we just have time and talent. Giving your music away will not be limiting you because the people who are hearing it would have not heard it any other way. If you have good stuff, your fans will eventually want to buy future releases. – Chad

    • d.BRYJ Music · February 2, 2010

      Thanks for your input Chad. Great blog, by the way! I checked it out and there’s tons of useful info on there.

      To everyone else whose reading this– subscribe to Chad’s blog:

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