50 Cent Says Piracy Is A Part of Marketing – Guest Blog

Business mogul/rapper Curtis Jackson - aka 50 Cent

From Techdirt.com:

Famed rapper and business mogul 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) was on CNBC recently discussing his “business acumen.”

I have to admit that three different people all trying to interview him at once is rather annoying — as they almost never let him complete a thought. However, when they ask him about piracy, and whether or not it makes him angry (around 2 minutes into the video), he responds that he sees it as a part of the marketing of a musician, because “the people who didn’t purchase the material, they end up at the concert.” He says that people can fall in love with the music either way, and then they’ll go to concerts. He notes that you can’t stop piracy either way, so why try to fight it? He also talks about other business opportunities for musicians.

Click here to watch 50 Cent’s CNBC interview

Posted by Dexter Bryant Jr. [d.BRYJ]
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  2. gaijinass · March 21, 2010

    True but not. Interesting though. 50 clearly has his shit wired tight.

    • d.BRYJ Music · March 22, 2010

      When 50 talks business I take notes. I never knew how intelligent he was until I heard his business wisdom and the ideas he comes up with.

    • d.BRYJ Music · March 22, 2010

      Thanks for reading!

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