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Greg Rollett - Gen-Y Rockstars

By Greg Rollett

I started to write this as a giveaway for my mailing list and decided to break it into pieces for this site. It centers around creating a real launch for your project. So many times in indie music we write, record, play shows and sell stuff with no real plan for success. Hopefully this little series will help get some ideas in your head as to how you can create real anticipation for your music and make the launch of a new release an event and not just something else interrupting the busy lives of people. So here is part 1 of Music Marketing and Product Launches.

Music Marketing + Internet Marketing - Frank Kern and 50 Cent

From Music Marketing to Internet Marketing

In the Internet Marketing world, product launches are the big money makers. You know the super marketers launching hardcore money making products retailing for the special price of $1997, but only if you act now. The ones that have those long, one-page sales letters, that go on and on with testimonials, features, benefits and guarantees. The product launches that friends of the super marketers promote to all of their lists, and in the process you get 10 emails from 10 different people all promoting the same product. The one time offers for more internet riches, that with only the click of a button, you will be on your way to enjoying the beach and luxury lifestyle you always dreamed about.

The problem with this kind of launch…

They work!

They work so damn well that launch after launch these big shot Internet Marketers bring in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars everytime.

You want to know a little secret? The music business does the same thing.

Remember when 50 Cent first signed with Dr. Dre and Eminem? That was the start of his product launch. It got music and hip-hop fans buzzing. He was building affiliates and teammates that would be able to promote his music further as a team that he would be able to on his own.

The Internet Marketing to Music Marketing Process Exposed

Those famous Internet Marketing sales letters: The stories that graced the cover of XXL, the Source, Vibe and Entertainment Weekly.

The story: Pop culture was fascinated with his remarkable rise from being shot 9 times to signing with the most prominent producer and his wonder kid apprentice.

His affiliate team: Dre, Eminem, G-Unit, Interscope Records, Aftermath and Shady Records Team members, press, fans and sponsors.

His offers to reel you in: Those free mixtapes that came in abundance. Guest appearances on other hip-hop and R&B artists’ tracks.

The result: 872,000 copies sold in the first week! Over 13 million copies sold worldwide in the year it was released (2002)

The snowball effect of his first major product launch: 4 Multi-Platinum records, shares in Vitamin Water, G Unit Records, G Unit Clothing, Cheetah Vision Film Company and on and on and on

Ok, ok…I know what you are thinking. You don’t have the power to align yourself with moguls like Dre or Eminem. You are a local band, bedroom MC, touring musicians, whatever – that is looking to start, sustain and grow your career.

This advice applies to you 100 times over.

Leveraging your surroundings to create anticipation, trust and lust for your music, your products and your live show. In the next part of this music marketing feature we will look at your USP (unique selling proposition) and how to create the Internet Marketing wave around your product.

I’d love to know what you think about the above scenario and how you think it applies to you and your music. Share in the comments below.

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