Spotlight: Rockie

Rockie’s single “Rockie Fresh” (from his mixtape Rockie’s Modern Life) is old school fresh. The beat and Rockie’s flow have a throwback feel but Rockie clearly got skills. Homeboy can spit for real, his rhymes are sick, and he is easily rapping circles around some of these mainstream rappers you hear on the radio.

“Rockie Fresh” has already been featured on several of Chicago’s Best Hip Hop Blogs such as Fake Shore Drive and Go Where Hip Hop. Now The Hit Music Academy can be added to that list of publications showing support for this young and talented artist.

Support indie music. Give “Rockie Fresh” a spin. If you’re into old school hip hop or alternative hip hop you will not be disappointed. And if you’re not into the old school then maybe you should give it a chance. You might learn something.

Click pic to play "Rockie Fresh"

About Rockie:

Rockie’s Modern Life is a portrait of the daily life of the up-and-coming artist, Rockie. From the same stomping grounds as greats like Kanye West and Common, and of the same generation as up and comers like Kid Cudi and Drake, this young artist knows he has a lot to prove to the music world.

Repping a city whose musical culture is as diverse and soulful as any, this young Chicago Hip Hop artist is exploding onto the scene with tremendous force.  So take a listen. Rockie’s Modern Life isn’t just any mixtape, it is an embodiment of the heart, soul, and passion that drives us all to live. It is a way of life.

Rockie links:

Official Website



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