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Kavit Haria

Kavit Haria - Insider Music Business

By Kavit Haria

I have discussed in many articles my views on using social media and networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as a means to get regular streams of new visitors to your website so you can continue to build your community and mailing list.

The idea is that all these Web 2.0 websites are user-generated community portals where you can set up profiles and pages to showcase your music and your information. People, friends, and their friends, can become a friend or fan of your page, read and listen to your music and then possibly click on your web link to visit your website.

I wanted to create a diagram that showed how I think this should all work, but came across one which looks even better than what I would be able to create. This diagram was created by Tom Williams of the Hit Singularity blog.


The chart above is brilliant, and although I wouldn’t alter it, I would point out that there are just too many tools that you would end up wasting all your time on them if you don’t plan it out accordingly and figure out what to do. My preferences are to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to generate your traffic to your website and blog so you can build an e-mail list of fans.

What do you think of this diagram? Does it help you?

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  3. d.BRYJ Music · March 23, 2010

    Hey Peter, I’m intrigued to hear more about the MemCatch platform. Send me an email –> dbryjmusic AT gmail

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