lyrics: Lady GaGa “Bad Romance”


Click pic to play "Bad Romance"

Album: The Fame Monster

Lady GaGa – “Bad Romance”LYRICS


Click pic to play "Bad Romance"

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DbryJ Music Media Group



  1. florencia · December 12, 2009

    lady gaga i love you nunka m voiiiii a kmzar de vs zoii tu little monster
    te amooooo bd romance ta reh weno flopiiiih gaga ………..i a los ke dicen ke no ss nah tan reh ekibokados

  2. o jhnüäk bm · December 15, 2009

    lol die bilder sin cool vool braun aber voll lol

  3. Leon · May 6, 2010

    You’re hot and sexy!

  4. Leon · May 6, 2010

    Lady Gaga is damn sexy and hot I’m in love with her, I wanna get married with her!!!

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  6. kthrom · May 27, 2010

    lady Gaga is ne geile sau

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