lyrics: Iyaz “Replay”

IYAZ and Kingston

Click to play "Replay"

Album: TBD

I.Y.A.Z. – “Replay”LYRICS

iyaz Gucci gas mask

Click pic to play "Replay"

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Hit Pick: Iyaz “Replay”


Dexter Bryant Jr. (d.BRYJ)
DbryJ Music Media Group


  1. dynasty86 · November 4, 2009

    Haven’t heard this one yet but I love to see artists mentoring other artists. Big ups to Sean Kingston.

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  3. beula · November 4, 2009

    u gt a nyc track der luv it & u ……..

  4. mary · November 4, 2009

    hey is sean kingston and iyaz brothers or wt

    • DbryJ Music · November 4, 2009

      They’re not brothers but they are good friends. IYAZ and Sean Kingston are both from the Caribbean. Sean Kingston discovered IYAZ when he heard a song by IYAZ that became a hit in the Caribbean. Sean Kingston helped IYAZ get signed to his label Beluga Heights Records, which is owned by J.R. Rotem.

      • ROBIN WAGES · November 4, 2009

        Dbry J Music..if your lookin for a artist look me up on youtube the songs called “v-secret” by J-melody im feturing in one of his songs. if your intresed or anyone is Email me at

    • SALLYANNA · November 4, 2009


  5. keshara · November 4, 2009

    OMG iyaz is so sexy i just want to see him in person he makes better music than drake and i thought drake could make good music but iyaz keep it going boo

    • DbryJ Music · November 4, 2009

      I haven’t heard any other songs by IYAZ yet but “Replay” is definitely a banger. If the rest of his music is this great then yeah he’ll give Drake a run for his money lol.

      • V.I.......Massive · November 4, 2009

        well you need to i have 28 songs from him and i hope he keep them coming…..jus gotta big him up……it look like he putting “tola up on de map” V.I Massive Yuh Large …..I.Y.A.Z Yuh ;laerg

      • DbryJ Music · November 4, 2009

        That’s what’s up. IYAZ representin!

      • ROBIN WAGES · November 4, 2009

        NO DOUT.. See i no drake i mess with the same duds as he does. his music good BUT!! He aint the best if u no what im sayin lol

    • fazila · November 4, 2009

      no!!!!!!!! you are a bitch

    • abdeen · November 4, 2009

      hey whats up you have a nice song replay that song is very nice just keep it up brother ok thanks

  6. DbryJ Music · November 4, 2009

    I’m predicting that “Replay” is going to move up to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 tomorrow when the new charts are released. Currently “Replay” is #4 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Pop chart.

  7. someone · November 4, 2009

    iyaz is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i cant believe that them 2 r bro im lovin the mask iyaz

    • DbryJ Music · November 4, 2009

      IYAZ and Sean Kingston aren’t brothers. They are good friends though.

  8. shelbie valles · November 4, 2009


  9. shelbie · November 4, 2009

    yo whell come ☻♥

  10. NAmeyla gwada · November 4, 2009

    I LOVE IT!!! iyaz you’re the best!!!i love you !!!!!!!!

  11. SHANIA · November 4, 2009


  12. brooke · November 4, 2009

    OMG. i love replay i cant keep it out of my head i sing it 24/7 luv u IYAZ

  13. Iyazi · November 4, 2009

    Iyaz is the best i hear ´´replay´´ evry day replay n replay Iyas is my lil brow😉

    • d.BRYJ Music · November 4, 2009

      Thx for commenting:)

      • Iyazi · November 4, 2009

        Sorry i mean big brow/brother😉 and IyaZ iS my best brother 4 life😉

  14. Noemi · November 4, 2009

    heyy aamm my name is noemi

    i live in germany and i look dis soonq dis song is beutyvol and i sey i love dis song it´s my lovely song goot baii kiss in germany sey diss word lovely –> schön haah okay iyazi i love you kiss ..

  15. Mellanie Gregory · November 4, 2009


    • d.BRYJ Music · November 4, 2009

      thx for commenting. Look out for his album “My Life” coming soon

      • ROBIN-WAGES · November 4, 2009

        d.BRYJ Music– Make sure to fallow up with me if your intrested in a white artist.. lol sexapeal sells in my favor if you no what i mean? The ladies love a preaty white boy that can flow nice..thankz famz

  16. lily ♥ · November 4, 2009

    Omdszz ii Luv Hisz Song `solo` Itsz BumTiing
    Yanoo Av Met Himm , Hesz Gave Mee A Shout Out On My Space Thank Yhuu iiYazzz

    • d.BRYJ Music · November 4, 2009

      thx for commenting

    • Emily Machnick · November 4, 2009

      Iyaz your maddd hott….

  17. cathleen · November 4, 2009

    i really like iyaz , he’s song is so beautiful . . i really like his video ..

  18. mustafa · November 4, 2009

    j adore ta musique mon frere et je te souhaite une bonne carriere… reussite total.

  19. sandy · November 4, 2009

    love you iyazen ik wil met je touwen

  20. salma abdulkadi · November 4, 2009

    ilove u reply because i’m your bigest fan!

  21. salma abdulkadi · November 4, 2009

    i am your bigest fan!

    • d.BRYJ Music · November 4, 2009

      I swear I didn’t know how much chicks love Iyaz until I posted his songs on this blog lol.

  22. zainab abdulkadi · November 4, 2009

    reply xoxo I LOVE U!

  23. Khadija abdulkadi · November 4, 2009

    Replayxoxo I just love your music and I love you!

    • d.BRYJ Music · November 4, 2009

      If you got a chance to talk to Iyaz he would tell you that he loves you back. Thx for showing your support for good music. Ur a great fan:)

  24. clay · November 4, 2009

    Iyaz sucks balls. Gus rules!

  25. gwada · November 4, 2009

    j adore iyaz je kif vraiment sa zik
    100 pour 100 iyaz
    i love replay

  26. kevin · November 4, 2009

    i like your song replay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)::)

  27. shan · November 4, 2009

    iyaz is like a melody in my head that cnt keep out got me singing nananana everyday like my ipod stuck on replay.

  28. Zoey/new boyz · November 4, 2009

    I love IYAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤ (L) (L) (L) :*

  29. delila · November 4, 2009

    hey u are sexy send me a commment backsexyyyyyyyyyyyy

  30. james · November 4, 2009

    i love both yall music

  31. james · November 4, 2009

    shawtys like a melody i can’t stop singing that song

  32. Craze.One · November 4, 2009

    kamukha mu si akon

  33. emelie · November 4, 2009

    iyaz is a good singer i love him i wanna make music with him is kool bro that replay is kool i like that i belive one day am gonna be out!!

  34. daphne soberanis · November 4, 2009

    I luv ur song “SOLO” u and sean kingston are my favorite singer.I live in Sanger,CA I am 11 years old.

  35. daphne soberanis · November 4, 2009

    I LUV YOU!

  36. daphne soberanis · November 4, 2009


  37. D°b°boy · November 4, 2009

    hello iyaz you is the best

  38. sandy · November 4, 2009

    hello iyaz you is the best ilove you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • lisbet ros · November 4, 2009

      hello iyaz can you make a song 4 my and you say in the song lisbet ros love you

  39. sandy · November 4, 2009

    ilove you you kan troun mi ym 21 yes on noxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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