New Music Monday: “Papers”

Click pic to play "Papers"

Click pic to play "Papers"

Grade = A

Professor’s Notes:

Ladies and gentlemen the Usher we know and love is officially back. You can hear it in his voice that this song is from the heart. This right here is some real shit. Ladies and fellas if you had enough say “I’m ready to sign them papers…”

Click pic to play "Papers"

Click pic to play "Papers"

“Papers” is no doubt going to bring back some Usher fans who had given up on him because they weren’t feelin’ his soon-to-be ex-wife Tameka Foster nor his last album Here I Stand. During that time in his life I think that Tameka’s grip on Usher caused him to lose touch with his fanbase. But now that Usher’s fed up with her ass, he’s back to making the kind of music that his fans want to hear.

Click pic to play "Papers"

Click pic to play "Papers"

Reader Input:

Does “Papers” signal the return of the real Usher Raymond? Is Usher’s next album Raymond vs. Raymond going to be better than his last one?

Please share what you think in the comments section.


Dexter Bryant Jr. (d.BRYJ)
DbryJ Music Media Group



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  2. Lance Allison · December 28, 2009


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