lyrics: Trey Songz “LOL :-)”

Click pic to play "LOL :-)"

Click pic to play "LOL :-)"

Album: Ready

Trey Songz ft. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy – “LOL” LYRICS

Click pic to play "LOL :-)"

Click pic to play "LOL :-)"

“LOL :-)” chart stats [Billboard]:

#14 – R&B/Hip-Hop
#29 – Ringtones
#44 – Radio
#59 – Hot 100

Click pic to play "LOL :-)"

Click pic to play "LOL :-)"

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Dexter Bryant Jr. (d.BRYJ)
DbryJ Music Media Group



  1. debz · December 4, 2009

    damm man this song is the bestes song i’ve never seen i love it thoe nd solja boy ur ma herooooooo !!!!!!!
    love you both this is sick mannnnn

  2. chantel · January 8, 2010

    hey boo

    • DbryJ Music · January 10, 2010

      What do you think of Trey Songz latest CD “Ready”?

  3. nya228 · January 11, 2010

    u are soooooooo sexy i love u sooooooooooo much

  4. najAKAchris · January 15, 2010

    yo trey u a cool do .. hopefully in reality ,,but i can sing too … hook me up lol .. WE LIGHT SKINS GOTTA STAT TOGETHER .. lol :)??O AND THAT DUDE UP FRONT IN THE COMMENT I HOPE ITZ AGIRL CAUSE THATS GAY AS HELL >><< SAYIN" u are soooooooo sexy i love soooooooooooo much" HOMO lol 🙂

    • DbryJ Music · January 15, 2010

      What do you have against gay people? Around here we support the gay rights movement. If you don’t that’s your business but I’m not gonna let you talk shit about homosexuals on my website.

  5. inia ieisha haywood · February 19, 2010

    i want to fuck you so bad you are so fucking sexy i want you so bad i could be your girl forever

  6. mozell ray · March 3, 2010

    ii love trey sonq……so much…..&nd lol 🙂

  7. kentonia · April 24, 2010

    wat up trey

  8. joselin · May 4, 2010


  9. taleesia · May 16, 2010

    C You In 02 Birmingham Uk 2010

  10. nicole · May 17, 2010

    u r soooooooooooooooooo hottt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • d.BRYJ Music · May 18, 2010

      How would u react if Trey blew you a kiss @ his show and u was in the front row

  11. Tracy · May 19, 2010

    i love him

  12. zania · May 26, 2010

    ur so amazing hunn:)

  13. Soulja agl · April 11, 2011

    This guy is too hot bt I won’t fl for Him and this is real crazy guyz coz u won’t get him.Trey ur music rocks, kp up da gud work.

  14. Soulja gal · April 11, 2011

    Hey frnds nt every mpnkey cn read this bt congrats dat u dd LOL.LIKE LUDACHRIS

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