Album Review: “Mr. Houston”

Marques Houston Album Cover

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Grade = C+

Tracklist – Mr. Houston

  1. I Love Her
  2. Body
  3. How I Do
  4. Express Lane
  5. Case Of You
  6. Stranger
  7. Say My Name
  8. Letter
  9. Sexy Young Girl
  10. Date
  11. Beautiful Woman
  12. Restaurant

A students:

  • Body
  • I Love Her
  • Case of You
  • Beautiful Woman

B students:

  • Express Lane
  • How I Do
  • Stranger
  • Say My Name


  • Body

Professor’s Notes:

As a Marques Houston fan I really want to love Mr. Houston but unfortunately “mediocre” is the best word I can use to describe this album.

The moments of originality on this disc are few and far between. I feel like I’ve heard it all before. Musically these songs rely heavily on current trends in pop/R&B (Autotune included) and as a whole the music on this album is not very different from what Marques Houston has already done in the past. That being said, I do feel like “Case of You” and “Express Lane” are very strong songs from a conceptual standpoint.

Mr. Houston‘s crown jewel though is “Body”, a sultry bedroom burner that’s an instant MH classic and my favorite song on the album. “Body” has the potential to be the biggest commercial hit from this album if the promotion for it is handled right.

Other notable songs include “I Love Her”, “Beautiful Woman”, and “Express Lane”. “Beautiful Woman” is a touching song and my second favorite track on Mr. Houston. I dig the synth-heavy production on “Express Lane” and the song itself is definitely catchy but too often the vocals drown in the music. If it were more evenly mixed “Express Lane” easily could have been a great single and received an A grade instead of a B.

Click pic to play "Mr. Houston" on imeem

Click pic to play "Mr. Houston" on imeem

While I did enjoy listening to Mr. Houston it’s not the type of album that compels you to listen again and again like Marques Houston’s previous CDs Naked and Veteran. Nevertheless, if you’re in the mood for some grown and sexy R&B Mr. Houston is a decent enough album to feed your appetite for a little while.

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Click here to play Mr. Houston on imeem

Click pic to play "Mr. Houston" on imeem

Click pic to play "Mr. Houston" on imeem


Dexter Bryant Jr. (d.BRYJ)
DbryJ Music Media Group

Click pic to play "Mr. Houston" on imeem

Click pic to play "Mr. Houston" on imeem

About Marques Houston

The Los Angeles native is a former member of the R&B singing group Immature/IMx.  As a solo artist, he has collaborated with Jermaine Dupri, Young Romeo, Yung Joc, Jim Jones and 50 Cent. Houston can also be remembered for his numerous acting roles including his break out role as Roger on the television show Sister Sister and in the film You Got Served.


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