Justin Bieber “One Time” – Hit Pick Update

Click pic to play "One Time"

Click pic to play "One Time"

Back on August 3rd (when “One Time” was at #95 on the Billboard Hot 100) The Hit Music Academy published the following prediction for “One Time”

Hit Prediction: Top  20 – US Billboard Pop 100, Top 10 – Billboard Digital Songs

This week “One Time” is #16 on Billboard Digital, #25 on Billboard Pop, and #29 on the Billboard Hot 100.

I estimate 2-4 weeks until “One Time” breaks into the Top 10 of the Digital chart and the Top 20 on the Pop chart.

Justin Bieber is going to be a superstar. He’s one of the most in-demand performers on Eventful.com right now and he has the support of some very die-hard fan girls.

Additional chart stats for “One Time”:

#12 – Canada
#14 – Germany
#37 – Austria

Oh and one last thing… We ❤ you Justin Bieber!!

OK now we sound like his teenybopper fan girls but still. He’s awesome.

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  1. Romy · October 14, 2009

    He’s great!

    Xxx from Netherland

    • DbryJ Music · October 14, 2009

      Yeah, he totally is 🙂 Thanks for commenting Romy!

  2. beans · November 22, 2009

    he is hot i luv him 😛

  3. Ishy Pray · December 7, 2009

    I LOVE Justin i am a guy and he is hotty

  4. Ishy Pray · December 7, 2009


    • Ishy Pray · December 7, 2009

      He is a hotty and i know i said he wasnt but i lied i just had to confese my sin

      • MICAH · September 28, 2010


  5. so cool · December 31, 2009

    ok justin is soooo freakin HOT i wonder if he would go out with me dought i have a chance im ten so i know he wouldnt 4 me dats jst sad

    like i said soooo freakin HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kayla nicole nichter · January 29, 2010

    justin bieber, u r like my biggest fan!!! U could possibly be coming 2 Lancaster Middle School 2 perform a concert LIVE!!! byyyyeeee!!!!!!! I luv u!

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