The 2009 VMAs: Top 10 Most Memorable Moments


Lady GaGa on Kermit action! (rated PG)

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards were all the rage this week. Twitter, Google, and MTV online have been buzzing with activity surrounding this momentous event.

The level of controversy at the VMAs this year was over-the-top to say the least but this year’s Video Music Awards were by far the most exciting in a long time.

Listed below are my picks for the top 10 most memorable moments of the 2009 Video Music Awards.


Lady GaGa wins the award for Best New Artist and takes the stage to accept her award wearing a crazy red ensemble that covers up her face.

lady_gaga_best new artist


Jay-Z and Alicia Keys close the night with a grand performance of “Empire State of Mind”.



British host Russel Brand is rip-roaring hilarious and bloody inappropriate all night. But have no fear–his charming accent saves the day!



Lady GaGa shows up to the VMAs with her date for the evening: Kermit the frog.



In an amazing show of daring and athleticism, Pink performs a high-rise trapeze act (minus trapeze) while singing “Sober”.



Taylor Swift sings “You Belong With Me” on the go under New York City. Taylor travels through an NYC subway station and onto the subway before finishing her performance outside of the Radio City Music Hall on the street. The entire time she is surrounded by screaming fans.



Lady GaGa sings “Paparazzi” and stages a dramatic horror show ending in blood…

gaga VMAs dramatic horror

…and her mock-death. Behold: theater tragedy at its finest!



During the Michael Jackson tribute a parade of dancers re-enact some of Michael’s most memorable music video moments. Janet Jackson performs “Scream” as part of the tribute. MTV’s Michael Jackson tribute shits on the BET Awards MJ tribute (from earlier this year) in the process.



Kanye West jacks Taylor Swift’s microphone during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video…

Kanye diss Taylor

…To complain that Beyonce didn’t win. How childish of you, Kanye.kanye_west_taylor_swift_getty16951150



During her acceptance speech for Video of the Year Beyonce invites Taylor Swift back onstage to finish the acceptance speech that Kanye interrupted.


Final Verdict:

I loved every minute of Lady GaGa weirdom, Kermit’s caemo, Taylor Swift (what a sweetheart!), Beyonce’s grace and compassion, Russel Brand’s humour, the MJ tribute, and Pink’s acrobatic high-rise performance.

Did Lady GaGa’s bloody performance freak you out?

Do you wanna kick Kanye West’s ass for stealing Taylor Swift’s thunder?

What 2009 VMA moments were most memorable for you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


Dexter Bryant, Jr. (DbryJ)
DbryJ Music Media



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  2. Google caffeine · August 3, 2010

    Kanye is the coldest rapper from the Chi. Luoe right behind him. Big ups to the Chi!

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