FREE Kelly Clarkson Concert Tickets!

The Samsung Summer Krush concert series is down to its final show. Guess who’s taking the stage…

None other than the original American Idol winner!

Kelly Clarkson performs live in Los Angeles on September 14 and YouCast has arranged a give-away for a pair of PRIORITY access tickets.

Sign-up for your free tickets here:

Just click on “Los Angeles”, enter your name and phone number, and use the promo code “LA2” to be eligible for your free Kelly Clarkson concert tickets.

If you’re going to be in LA on September 14 you cannot afford to miss out on this event. With a pair of free tickets up for grabs you have absolutely excuse. So here’s your final chance to sign-up:

Special thanks to YouCast for sponsoring this give-away!


Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
DbryJ Music Media

The Samsung Summer Krush concert series is an exclusive music tour featuring well-known musical acts, designed to provide attendees with private concerts and FREE tickets.



  1. Rosie Lopez · September 11, 2009

    Wanted 2free tickets to see Kelly In concert. Love her!!

    • DbryJ Music · September 11, 2009

      Well I hope you get your wish Rosie 🙂 Good luck! And thanks for commenting.

      Kelly is awesome!

  2. Christmas Bands · September 26, 2009

    I really love Kelly. I watch her every performance in American Idol. Her voice is really amazing.

    • DbryJ Music · September 29, 2009

      Kelly is one of the most talented singers of this generation. She has a phenomenal voice. I ❤ her Breakaway CD.

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