Hit Pick: Jeremih “Imma Star”

Click here to listen to "Imma Star"

Click here to play "Imma Star"

Hit Predictions:

Top 10 – R&B/Hip-Hop
Top 20 – Digital
Top 30 – Hot 100, Radio

Date: September 2, 2009

Current positions (Billboard): #9 – Ringtones, #28 – R&B/Hip Hop, #43 – Digital, #62 – Hot 100


Click here to play "Imma Star"


The Hit Music Academy awards “Imma Star” by Jeremih with a grade of:


Professor’s notes:

Memorable hook. Bumpin’ bridge/breakdown, awesome surprise section transition. Hot beat. Great vocals, fly swagger. Slick rhymes and punchlines.

jeremih 2

Click here to play "Imma Star"


Dexter Bryant Jr. (d.BRYJ)
DbryJ Music Media


Jeremih - posted up like a superstar.



  1. sexy bitch · September 16, 2009

    omg! this blog itz SOOO BORING !! ewww

  2. babie 2 · September 21, 2009

    boy u kno u are sexxy as hell kno dat solo dolo.. all day (kena baby)

    • jaechelle · September 22, 2009

      you r soooo rite

  3. jaechelle · September 22, 2009

    i luv your swagg im your number one fan

    • DbryJ Music · September 22, 2009

      Jeremih is the biznizz! Super-fly swagg

  4. crystal · September 23, 2009

    ur soo boom dnt care wat ppl say love u man

    • DbryJ Music · September 23, 2009

      Thanks Crystal 😀 Love you too girl!

      The only way to truly be successful in this world is to not give a f*ck what people say or think of you. If I let people discourage me from doing what I do best then I’ll never get where I aim to be in life.

      I love my haters though. All the shit talkin is just motivation for me.

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  6. chocolate · October 9, 2009

    i love him

    • DbryJ Music · October 12, 2009

      Yep the ladies love Jeremih lol. He’s going to have a great career because he has loyal fans like you 🙂

  7. DSD · December 4, 2009

    GGG’s up

  8. Jay · December 5, 2009

    Man ur the höok for fishes like a “whale”

  9. zizi · March 2, 2010

    i love u sooooooooo much keep yha head up…..dont be like these other rappers and singers messin up ….do yha own thing…..i wish i could spend a wonderful dae with u….ur awsome …wish to hear more from u…..when u sing i cry and i get the gooose bumps…..u tickle my skin…i love u …yha numba 1 and only 1 fan….i am not like these otha girls im real…..and i hope theres a dae that u can see that….

    • d.BRYJ Music · March 14, 2010

      I hope you get a chance to meet you fave star someday =)

  10. Mcmello · May 26, 2010

    hi how are u? me i m Mcmello i live in Canada ottawa
    i sing too.
    so i need halp me bout music please ok.


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