Christina Aguilera: Electro Pop Diva?

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As someone who has followed the career of Christina Aguilera since her self-titled debut album was released ten years ago, I am constantly amazed by her willingness to take chances with her music (even if it means alienating some fans in the process).

So, it comes as no surprise that Aguilera’s next studio release looks to be as different and artistically-challenging as her past two efforts, 2002’s Stripped (a coming-of-age kaleidoscope of pop, rock and R&B) and 2006’s Back to Basics (a modern-day ode to classic soul, blues and jazz). With confirmed collaborators like Sia, Ladytron, M.I.A. and Santagold, Xtina’s foray into electronic dance music looks very promising.

christinaAlthough there seems to be a consensus on who has worked on the album and its overall direction, not a lot of information has been released otherwise by the artist herself or her management. This may have much to do with the confusion some of her fans felt with the promotion of Back to Basics, which Aguilera often described as a “throwback to music of the 1920s, 30s and 40s”. Whatever the case may be, I believe that the decision to keep things more under wraps this time around is very smart and has worked to create a ridiculous amount of buzz before the album’s release.

In the meantime, fans and music lovers alike can get a firsthand experience into Christina’s deejaying skills by tuning into her radio station at


Reader Input:

Any Christina fans in the house?? Are you excited about her new album?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. PenaltyKillah · November 9, 2009

    Electro pop diva? That’s not really taking chances; it’s more like going along in the river of pop with everyone doing electro. (Gaga, anyone?) On the contrary, her ‘Back to Basics’ big band throwback was a rarity among her peers back then.

    • DbryJ Music · November 10, 2009

      I think you make a very valid point here. The thing is, even though electro pop is what everyone else is doing right now (and GaGa is a big reason for its popularity) I think that Christina Aguilera is artistic enough to do electro pop and make it her own.

      There are a lot of throwaway artists releasing electro pop songs that aren’t going to last but I’m confident that Christina can put a spin on it that will be uniquely Xtina.

      Is she going to be inspired by Lady GaGa? Probably. Its hard for anyone in pop music right now NOT to be inspired by GaGa. But I think that whatever Christina comes out with is going to be an authentic expression of her artistic abilities and her songs will be much better than what the generic pop artists are doing.

      Thanks for your comments PenaltyKillah =)

  2. Rogue|Hero · March 22, 2010

    As an Aguilera fan, I have always believed that Christina keeps things as original and as personal as possible. I think she already had ideas of going electronica even before GaGa came out–while she was on her Back to Basics tour. No matter what, it’s okay for her to go electronica, as long as she really does it damn well!

    With only a day to go before some big news pops up on her website (or wherever), I’m confident that Christina will introduce electro in a way that is very different and unique from what other musicians are doing today. I believe that her electro sound will be more authentic. That was what she did in Back to Basics, and I believe she will “bring it” again.


    • d.BRYJ Music · March 22, 2010

      Yep. When Xtina drop her electro on the world its fenna be crazy. It would be F’n sweet if the Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa went on tour with Christina to promote her new album.

      • Rogue|Hero · March 22, 2010


        I’ve also thought of Christina collaborating with the BEP. GaGa, not my cup of tea. Beyonce is more like it. And of course, with Britney. They’re friends, right?

        Now, I wonder what Christina’s going to call herself now? After Xtina and Baby Jane, what’s it going to be? Something in the likes of “Neo,” “Trinity,” or the like, maybe.


      • d.BRYJ Music · March 23, 2010

        Her new moniker should be something spacy and futuristic. Not sure what it would be but she’ll figure something out. Or just go back to being regular ol Christina lol

    • dynasty86 · March 22, 2010

      I’m EXTREMELY excited to hear what the big news will be. Hopefully an album release date and a preview of the first single!

  3. dynasty86 · March 23, 2010

    OMG! “Not Myself Tonight” (produced by Polow Da Don and written by Ester Dean) has been announced on her official site as the first single from Bionic!!!

    • Rogue|Hero · March 23, 2010


      A new single at last! But I was hoping for an actual sample of the single.

    • d.BRYJ Music · March 23, 2010

      With Polow on the beat that ish better be bananas! If it sound like a throwaway Chris Brown track (since Ester Dean does work with him, after all) I’ll be pissed.

      BIONIC is such a tight ass album name.

  4. dynasty86 · March 26, 2010

    Didn’t get to post this yesterday but BIONIC has an official release date: June 8th!!! The album cover is vicious.

  5. dynasty86 · March 31, 2010

    Well…the song has premiered…and I really like it A LOT! Honestly, it’s not the most groundbreaking song ever but it is a fun pop song and she totally bringing back her “Dirrty” side on this. Makes me more excited for the album.

  6. dynasty86 · June 8, 2010

    OK…the album is finally here… and I absolutely LOVE it. Xtina has on of the best and versatile voices in the industry and BIONIC morethan showcases that. As of right now, my fav tracks are “Elastic Love,” “Glam,” “You Lost Me” and “Monday Morning”. BIONIC BITCHES!!!

    • d.BRYJ Music · June 14, 2010

      I read an unfavorable review in Entertainment Weekly but I need to check it out for myself. I’m certainly excited to hear the collab with MIA =D

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