Spotlight: Nolo Brown/Fleetwood “LOL”

Nolo Brown aka Fleetwood

Nolo Brown aka Fleetwood

Here’s something new for your iPod.

“LOL” is a laid-back club/rap/R&B song with a sense of humor. Has a spacey feel to it. The vocal melody on the hook lead-in and the hook itself of “LOL” is nice and the “ah ha, ah ha…” on the hook is infectious.

I dig Nolo Brown (the alter-ego of DME founder/artist Fleetwood) because his tracks are always so smooth and usually they come with a nice dose of humor.

I think this might be the first club banger I’ve heard from Nolo Brown but it sounds like it could be an instant hit on the urban underground circuit. I think the Miami music scene in particular would take to this track. It has a feel similar to “I’m So High” by popular Miami artist Grind Mode and “Shone” by another Miami artist, Ball Greezy. “LOL” even has a Miami bass-style, booty music breakdown as the ending for the song.

Dynasty Music Entertainment has a hit on their hands with “LOL.” If it can get spins in the right clubs this song will take off.

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Download “LOL” here

Reader Input:

What do you think of “LOL”?

Are you going to download “LOL” and load it onto your iPod?

Are you gonna tell your friends about “LOL”?

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Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
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  1. Dwayne Cue · August 13, 2009

    SO I’m listening to this and you can definitely jook to this and at least smoke to bob ya head. I feel like Fleet trying to expand his already enormous creativity with this one and all you need is a great youtube video for this….do the hoola hoop nicca….CRAZY!!!!

    • DbryJ Music · August 15, 2009

      I agree Dwayne. Fleet is really expanding his horizons and this song is the first step towards securing a very large audience for his music. I think his next CD or mixtape is gonna be his best so far. “LOL” definitely needs a great YouTube video. Fleet and I were discussing that yesterday actually.

      I wanna be there jookin’ to it when “LOL” gettin’ blasted in the clubs.

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