Word of Mouth Marketing

"Word of Mouth Manual: Vol II" by Dave Balter

"Word of Mouth Manual: Vol II" by Dave Balter

After reading the Word of Mouth Manual: Vol. II by Dave Balter, I have some interesting marketing ideas to share with you.

Home business owners need cost effective ways to market their products and services. Word of mouth is particularly effective in persuading customers to buy, much moreso than advertising and other traditional marketing methods. Word of mouth marketing harnesses the power of word of mouth to produce powerful market dialogue for businesses.

If you had a group of passionate brand evangelists who are not on your payroll promoting your products, what could be a more cost effective marketing solution than that?

In order to create word of mouth for your business take note of some word of mouth marketing fundamentals. After familiarizing yourself with these, I highly recommend you read the Word of Mouth Manual: Vol. II. This article and the information packed in that e-book will prepare you to harness the power of word of mouth for your business.

The following ideas and tips are presented from the point of view of one business owner steering his venture towards a better future. Review this information, make these ideas your own and put them to work.

The ingredients for word of mouth madness are:

  • Stellar product. Distinctive. Innovative. Unique features. Nothing like it on the market.
  • A passionate and dedicated core audience. Made even more noteworthy by equally passionate product haters.
  • Brand values that customers identify with.
  • Impeccable timing.

The top 40 products:

  • Personal top 40 list = the engine for word of mouth (WOM) marketing that every person has
  • the 40 products on this list are the ones that a person loves enough to inform other people about them

Collective shared experience

  • Product experience that provokes people to talk
  • monumental experience = more talk
  • Consider every element of the customer’s interaction with you and make it special. Examples: private invitations, classified, knowledge, special experiences…

Marketers should spend less time focusing solely on influentials and find other people who might be passionate about their brands.

  • Help these people become aware and knowledgeable about how to communicate with others and share their passion.

“True WOM is about engaging individuals for the long term, so that they continue to support and engage in dialogue about a brand at the moments when others are most receptive.”

  • True WOM needs a product that continues to deliver on expectations and remains front of mind for customers, “leaving people to share messages about it on many occasions in many different ways.”
  • True WOM results in long lasting brand loyalty.
  • True WOM requires building a foundation that leads to long term evangelism.

Viral marketing

  • Its impossible to purposefully create a viral explosion. Luck and perfect timing are heavily involved.
  • Viral buzz is fleeting and unpredictable.
  • Viral buzz breeds overnight success but the meteoric rise is likely to be accompanied by an equally meteoric fall.
  • Viral buzz can only help create long-term success and brand awareness if viral marketing is embedded in a broader marketing scheme with a focus on ongoing communications between brand and customer: PR, social media marketing, WOM marketing, guerilla marketing, etc. In this overall marketing framework any rapid increases in viral activity around our brand can bring some additional exposure and generate new sets of customers who remain loyal after the viral sensation (and general public interest) dies down. Without a passionate and dedicated core audience, viral buzz (because of its fleeting nature) will not really help to grow our brand. Instead, it will make us a “novelty of the moment”, a fad that consumers drift away from and on to the next thing as abruptly as they arrive.


  • Inspires people because it gives them a chance to be a part of the bigger picture. Helps people feel connected.
  • Our company culture and core story will be transparent/open and blogged about regularly. This promotes inclusiveness.
  • Be inspirational to our customers, reward them and make them feel a part of our organization. The methods we use to reward them should be evolved and refined regularly.
  • Engage our audience!


  • Subjects that polarize people drive the most dialogue.
  • Polarization generates word of mouth: Madonna, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, Kanye West…

I hope this information was helpful to you. Please share any thoughts, additional ideas, or questions you have in the comments section. Thanks for reading 🙂


Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
DbryJ Music Media


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