Hit Pick: Sean Paul “So Fine”

Sean Paul "So Fine"

Sean Paul is back with his latest dancehall scorcher: "So Fine"

Hit Prediction: Top 10 – US Billboard Hot 100
DATE: July 2, 2009

Basic CMYK

The Return of Sean Paul

Sean Paul is back.

According to the Jamaica Observer and iTunes, Sean Paul’s new single “So Fine” (from his upcoming album Imperial Blaze) is currently the most downloaded reggae/dancehall song in Canada, France, Belgium, Norway and Sweden. July marks the U.S. release of this hot new single.

My prediction:
“So Fine” is a surefire Billboard Top 10 hit.

America is SO ready for the return of Sean Paul. Taking over the U.S. market again is going to be a piece of cake for him.

Hit Machine

Three whole years have passed since his last album Trinity (which spawned 4 Billboard singles). It’s the perfect time for Sean Paul to resurface because we’ve been waiting (impatiently).

Ever since Shaggy fell off the mainstream radar Sean Paul has been America’s darling reggae/dancehall performer. Up until now he’s had 3 Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs (“Get Busy”, “Temperature”, and “Baby Boy” with Beyonce) and 12 songs make it onto the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop Singles & Tracks chart. With a track record like that you just know “So Fine” is going to catch fire in the States.

Just Dance(hall)

Sean Paul’s music is unbelievably catchy and very, VERY dance-able. Five seconds into his songs, without even thinking about it your body is moving. That’s the effect that great dancehall music has on people.

Until today I hadn’t heard a single word about a new song or new album from Sean Paul. But within 10 minutes of playing “So Fine” for the first time, I had to hear it again. Five minutes later I listened to it again. I’m addicted.

Dance clubs will be among the first in America to throw this song in rotation, but radio will be soon to follow. I’ve been anticipating the return of Sean Paul and now that he’s back–so far he hasn’t disappointed.


Jamaica Observer


Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
DbryJ Music Media


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