The King of Pop Lives On

The King of Pop.

Gifted vocalist.


The greatest entertainer that ever lived.

I dare you to name one artist who’s had a bigger influence on pop music and pop culture. There are none. Not one single performer.

Michael Jackson = the greatest entertainer than ever lived

Michael Jackson = the greatest entertainer that ever lived

RIP Michael Jackson.

michael legend

Even though you’re gone you’ll continue to live on in the hearts and minds of your adoring fans. No one can fill your shoes. Your music has inspired me and so many others more than you’ll ever know.

We are all mortal.

But the greatest among us unselfishly give their all to the rest of us. They inspire us and move us and bring us hope.

These people connect with our deepest feelings and emotions in a way that very few can. These people dedicate their lives to others because they have a much greater purpose than themselves.

These people are never forgotten.

When these remarkable individuals no longer grace us with their presence here on Earth, rather than mourn their death we should celebrate their life.

Remember the great moments and memories that this bright star gave to the world. Be happy.

The King of Pop left us with a legacy of greatness. He demonstrated what can happen if you are talented, passionate, and completely dedicated to your craft.

We love you Michael.

And we never can say goodbye.

michael jackson slides


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