Radio Needs This: “Let Me See the Booty”

“Let Me See the Booty” – The-Dream ft. Lil Jon


Too bad its not 2005 anymore because if it was then “Let Me See the Booty” would easily be a Billboard Top 40 hit. Unfortunately for this song Lil Jon fell out of favor on radio sometime between 2005 and 2008 due to a nasty case of extreme over-exposure.

lil jon

Remember when crunk ruled the airwaves and every other track on the radio was produced by Lil Jon?

(cue Lil Jon vocals…) Yeah!!!


All that might have been great for Lil Jon’s bank account but it definitely caused the public to get tired of him real quick, which is a shame because “Let Me See the Booty” is banging. The lyrics are straightforward, the spacey snap beat is bass-heavy, and The-Dream rocks his trademark ‘eh eh eh eh…’s like you’d expect him to do.

Booty Admiration

Verse 1 starts off with “shawty got ass for days…” I can’t think of a better way to kick off a booty song. That line sets the tone for what follows: booty admiration in its purest form. This song should have no problem keeping booties bouncing all the way to the end.

This has club banger written all over it. “Let Me See the Booty” may not be the kind of track that pop radio plays anymore but I’m sure clubs still go crazy over it. For that reason I would love to see this song receive some promotion on the urban club circuit. Its not hard to imagine “Let Me See the Booty” high up on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play or Hot Dance Airplay charts. If radio does happen to pick up this song at some point, expect it not to stray far from the urban format stations that report to the Billboard Hot Rap/R&B Tracks chart and other urban charts.

For Promotional Use Only

To my knowledge “Let Me See the Booty” was released late in 2008 as a promo single for The-Dream’s 2nd album Love vs. Money. Considering that this song is just a bonus track on the album though I’m not expecting it to be released as an official single.

The New Booty Anthem

This one might not be a Radio Killa since radio has chosen to ignore it but the party playlist on your iPod will be incomplete without it. So quit sleepin’ on this and go download “Let Me See the Booty”. Like, now.

And tell your bootylicious friends they have a new anthem.


Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
DbryJ Music


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