Radio Needs This: “Put It Down”

"Put it Down" - The-Dream

"Put it Down" - The-Dream

“Put it Down” is baby-maker R&B music at its finest. The content is sexilicious, everything is anchored by a memorable hook that the rest of the song builds anticipation for each time around, and there are plenty of great lyrical lines that snag your attention throughout.

“Put it Down” is one of the strongest tracks on The-Dream’s 2nd album Love vs. Money. The album’s best moments are reminiscent of the long-gone glory days of R. Kelly, much like the best moments from Dream’s previous CD Love/Hate.

The-Dream channels R. Kelly better than any other singer/songwriter I’ve heard and it never sounds stale when he does it. Contrast that with R. Kelly himself who now sounds stale regurgitating the club/R&B style he made popular. Interesting, isn’t it? Kinda makes you feel bad for R. Kelly. Almost.

Radio Killa

If radio stations take it upon themselves to add this song to their playlist, which I highly recommend, I anticipate that it will resonate strongly with the adult R&B crowd. Urban AC stations should try the song out with their late-night Quiet Storm format first. See how well your audience responds to it and then make a decision from there.

“Put it Down” could easily go the route of “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih because it has a similar feel to it and its aimed at the same audience. “Birthday Sex” peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 but don’t expect “Put it Down” to do quite that well. However, with just a little station airplay “Put it Down” could easily make it onto the Billboard Hot R&B/Rap Tracks chart and I wouldn’t be surprised if lots more urban stations added the song after that. “Put it Down” has already been featured on a number of online R&B mixtapes so clearly it has a following at this point.

Even if “Put it Down” does get added to a significant number of stations and causes a stir I don’t expect there to be much promotion from the label for the song because The-Dream has other priorities right now. He’s working on his 3rd album, on the debut album from Electrick Red, and on Christina Milian’s new album– all of which will be released on The-Dream’s Radio Killa Records.


As much as I love this track I’m not going to hold my breath on this one.

Reportedly The-Dream will be releasing his 3rd album Love King in December this year, just 9 months after the release of his 2nd album Love vs. Money (released: March 2009). Don’t expect any more singles to follow-up “Walking on the Moon” (the 3rd single released off Love vs. Money) but if there is a 4th single it should definitely be “Put it Down.”

If you know any Program Directors or workers/interns at urban stations (particularly urban AC stations) tell them to put this song in rotation! Their station listeners will thank them šŸ™‚


The-Dream = Prince + R. Kelly
The-Dream ā€“ official website
The-Dream ā€“ wikipedia page
The-Dream ā€“ Myspace page


Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
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