Hit Pick: “Starstruck” – Lady GaGa

the fame Bona fide Hit

“Starstruck” by Lady GaGa featuring Flo Rida and Space Cowboy has all the trappings of a hit record:

  • Dance floor vibe complete with sexy swagger and banging beat? Check.
  • Catchy, easy to sing-along-to vocal melody throughout? Check.
  • Sick breakdowns and other attention-grabbing elements? Check.
  • And let’s not forget one of the most important of them all – a great hook? Check.

When you hear this song it immediately sticks out in your mind and its grip will not let go. “Starstruck” begs to be repeated. Often. If that’s not a hit record I don’t know what is.

This song is such a bona fide hit in every way that its not even like the labels have to do anything too complicated with marketing if they release “Starstruck” as a single.

YouTube plays = 5 million plus

The public response to this song has already been overwhelmingly positive, just look at the number of plays it has racked up on YouTube. A quick search yields one “music video” with over 4 million plays (which is actually just a GaGa pic with music since there is no official music video) and another one with over 1 million plays, not to mention the many other “videos” of this song with hundreds of thousands of plays.

Keep in mind that these YouTube numbers reflect interest in a song that has received virtually no promotional push from the record labels and people STILL love it and play it to death.

Consider: how huge would “Starstruck” be if it was marketed right?

“Starstruck” – Suggested release strategy as a single

First of all this song needs to be addressed by Streamline Records, Interscope Records, Cherrytree Records, and Kon Live Distribution (Lady GaGa’s record labels) as a strong candidate for Lady Gaga’s next official single. This would be a wise business decision for all parties involved since it is likely that it wouldn’t take long for Top 40 radio to put “Starstruck” in heavy rotation nationwide (U.S.)

But to get to that point I think that first the song should be released exclusively to night clubs and radio stations using a “dance music” format. The song should target night clubs that play mainly dance/techno music, clubs that are big on dance remixes of international pop hits, and maybe a few mixed urban/pop clubs for good measure. lady gaga on stage

If the labels were to allow “Starstruck” the time it needs to build a grassroots following in the night clubs, eventually the song’s popularity would lead to it charting on the Hot Dance Airplay and/or Hot Dance Club Play Billboard charts. From there it could be released as a single to pop radio and urban radio (thanks to Flo Rida) and the song’s entry into the Billboard Hot 100 main chart would be soon to follow.

Of course, this is all speculation on my part but it’s speculation from an informed position, which makes all the difference in the world. I don’t take my marketing recommendations lightly so I do my research before I recommend anything.

Starstruck” – chart predictions

The current #1 song on the Hot Dance Airplay chart (issue date/week ending May 16, 2009) is “Poker Face” so Lady GaGa already has that one covered. The current #1 song on the Hot Dance Club Play chart (issue date/week ending May 16, 2009) is “Bottle Pop” by the Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg. Nothing against “Bottle Pop” (which I’m a fan of) but in my humble opinion “Starstruck” could easily de-throne the current Hot Dance Club Play chart leader. It’s just a matter of the song actually being released.

If “Starstruck” is released as a single and the record labels handle the promotions right it holds the potential to be another Lady GaGa international chart topper.

I predict that “Starstruck” will make it inside the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart IF the song is released as an official single by Lady GaGa’s record labels.

Trust me—I know a hit song when I hear one.

Lady GaGa – Past/current chart performance

As of March 24, 2009 Lady GaGa has released three singles in the U.S. – “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, and “LoveGame.” Her first two singles, “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” both peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and on several international charts. “Poker Face” has done particularly well, topping the charts in almost all the major music markets worldwide including the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany and many more.

LoveGame” needs context marketing to be successful


Although “LoveGame” (released: March 24, 2009) is one of my favorite GaGa tracks from her album The Fame and an excellent choice for her third U.S. single, I’m skeptical about how well it’s going to perform on the Billboard charts. Honestly, I think that Lady GaGa’s record labels and marketing team have yet to figure out the most effective way to promote the song. It’s arguably just as catchy as her previous #1 singles but in my opinion the song isn’t attention-grabbing enough on its own to hook most people’s attention without a strong context surrounding it. What that means is that radio play alone is not going to drive this song up to the top of the charts. This song needs to be experienced by listeners in the context of something relevant to the subject matter of the song. Listeners need a reason for the song to stick out in their minds long after they hear it.

It would be appropriate to play “LoveGame” during dating shows (like For the Love of Ray J), game shows, dance competition shows (like America’s Best Dance Crew), sporting events, and in-store at Spencer’s Gifts (or on their website!) and in other stores with adult-themed toys and games. There are many more useful applications for this song that would make it meaningful in people’s lives you just have to get creative.

Call to Action

If you or anyone you know is connected in some way to Streamline Records, Interscope Records, Cherrytree Records, or Kon Live Distribution, please forward this article to them along with your recommendations. If you believe (like I do) in the potential that “Starstruck” has to be a hit song, then please make the effort to inform the record labels, Lady GaGa, and anyone close to Lady GaGa. If we can create a large enough collective movement in support of this song it could finally get the widespread attention it truly deserves.


And maybe I’m being a little too hopeful here but I can even see “Starstruck” receiving a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording (which Lady Gaga previously received for “Just Dance”) even though it would be competing against “Poker Face” most likely, and that’s some stiff competition.  =)

Oh, and if it wasn’t completely obvious I am totally GAGA over Lady GaGa. She is the most glamorous, retro-sexual artist on the planet right now. I ❤ Lady GaGa!

mp3 playlist featuring Lady GaGa and “Starstruck”

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Dexter L. Bryant Jr. (DbryJ)
DbryJ Music



  1. aliyah miller · September 2, 2009

    i love the song starstruck because its a good song to listen to and dance to and it really get stuck in your head and you cant help but to sing it

    • DbryJ Music · September 2, 2009

      I agree with you Aliyah. Starstruck is extremely catchy and hard to get out of your head and great to dance to. I wish it was on the radio or on TV because I think more people should hear it.

  2. maraysha · September 2, 2009

    i love the song starstruck

    • DbryJ Music · September 2, 2009

      Yeah Starstruck is definitely awesome. Its kind of disappointing that it was never released on the radio

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